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Delhi Celebrates’, the cultural extravaganza will have its very own logo and anthem song: Dilli meri jaan, Dilli meri shaan by singer Palash Sen of the band, Euphoria.

AR Rahman has composed as well as sang the official CWG Anthem titled Swagatham.

The lyrics for Dilli Meri Jaan are in Hindi, unlike those in the anthem, since we got a feedback that Delhiites want an ‘all Hindi’ song. This song has a longer life as will continue even after the Games are over,” she says.

Rahman’s song is for the CWG opening ceremony only, while Euphoria’s anthem is for the Games and will be the Delhi Anthem for later as well.It is made especially for Delhiites and will represent the city hereafter. ‘Dilli Meri Jaan’ is Delhi’s anthem as well!”

I will put the Lyrics, Video and Download link of the Delhi theme song after its official announcement.


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  1. thanks for the information, hoping for a rocking song 😉

    mohit on 28 Aug 2010
  2. sir/mam i want to download the cwg theme song please provide me link

    thanks a lot
    naveen verma

    naveen on 28 Aug 2010
  3. i love AR REHMAN song

    Akbar shaikh on 28 Aug 2010
  4. I ii like to listen properly but how can i listen the song

    PREMJIT on 28 Aug 2010
  5. i m hard core fan of ARR
    so GIVE d link of CWG theme song

    jeevahan on 28 Aug 2010
  6. i really lyk tht sng. and want to download it……….. please provide some way…..

    shilpa on 28 Aug 2010
  7. hey guys why we compaire this song to waka waka .it has uniqueness and great music composition esp vina .sitar
    thanks rehman

    manoj on 31 Aug 2010
  8. its an awesome song. And Palash has sung it very well which he always does

    Manisha on 04 Sep 2010
  9. Its realy going to b rockkkkkkkk……

    SHRIKANT on 07 Sep 2010
  10. its realy going to be superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hit

    wohaib on 27 Sep 2010
  11. o yes i like it. i m a big fan of AR Rahman

    wohaib on 27 Sep 2010
  12. it is a good song

    vinayak chandausi moradabad on 27 Sep 2010
  13. it”s toooooooooo good, i like it it”s better then rehman. thinks palas tumne hunustan ka naam ucha kiya.

    indiamono on 02 Oct 2010
  14. palas is toooooooooooooooooooooooooo good then A.R. rehman thinks yaar

    manoj biswas on 02 Oct 2010
  15. i like song dilli meri jaan.i m a big fan of Palash Sen

    Deepak on 25 Oct 2010

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